Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rewarding Your Dog

"I've been praise training him and its going great! "

So, consider this:

Your boss tells you from now on he's gonna give tickets to the local opera as payment from now on,instead of money! Yay! They are worth hundreds of dollars each! However,  you can't resell or trade them away, but you can still go as your payment, right? what if your boss told you that he was going to hand out gold nuggets instead of those Opera tickets? Would you then be more inclined to accept them as payment?

Well, as much as a dog may love your "payment" of a head pat and "good girl" it the same or better to her as a chunk of hot dog or other treat? If no...then you are forcing your opinion of a "good reward" on her...if so, then there's no problem.

WE have to be honest in our approach to what works and what doesn't...just cause WE think something is good for them, doesn't mean it's going to be something that gets the best response from them!

Experiment with your dog. Try different rewards, and see if they bring out better results. many dogs like different things, you may find that one magical items at the dog will do anything  for.

Many of the store bought treats may have a good taste of them but may not be overly nutritious, as long as you're not feeding  "too much" to them during training, then it shouldn't  too much of a concern. However don't overfeed them anything that's bad for them. Ever. Refer to the product description and ingredients, and always confer with your vet if you have concerns. over. Go lay down.

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